Hacker engineers continually strive to bring the latest technology and value to RC pilots. StreamFan EDF power systems are powered by Hacker’s specially designed E40, E50 and E60 motors optimized for EDF operation, RPMs and power levels.

Oversized hollow shafts on the E50 and E60 series ensure maximum stiffness to keep the fan rotation true.  Specially designed internal cooling helps the motors reach unimagined power to weight ratios.

Hacker then painstakingly mates high-performance fans from industry leaders WeMoTec  (70mm, 90mm, 100mm) and EJets (110mm & 120mm) to create the new StreamFan EDF power systems. Hacker StreamFans are carefully balanced and aligned — this is one of the most important aspects of EDF operation. Hacker StreamFan EDF systems arrive completely assembled and ready for installation in the model.

The WEMOTEC and EJETS fan units offer the latest in multi-blade design technology to develop high thrust and amazing speed, all while making an awesome sound in flight.

With 70mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 120mm fans offered in a range of voltages, you are sure to find the perfect SteamFan for your airframe and battery requirements.

Hacker StreamFan Performance Estimates

This table is sorted by fan size, then by LiPo cell count.  Select the best combination of size, cells and thrust for your application.

Note: Specifications and performance subject to change without notice.  Performance values may vary based upon conditions such as battery characteristics, altitude, ambient temperature etc.


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