Hacker StreamFan EDF 90mm 1170kv



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EAN Number: 4250320247722

Stream Fan 90/1170

Our new impeller series combines two quality products into a true high-performance drive.
The EVO impeller developed by Wemotec in conjunction with our new specially adapted to impeller
High performance engines will take your model to unprecedented levels of performance. The fan integrated in the motor ensures
even at long full throttle periods for moderate temperatures in the engine.

The impellers are already assembled and fine balanced. The engine is also fully assembled, eliminating the need for elaborate customization.

Technical specifications:
Engine: E50L 2.5D
Impeller: 11-blazed glass fiber reinforced
Number of cells: 12
Weight: 550g complete fan with motor

Voltage under load: 44.4V
Electricity: 105A
Thrust in grams: 5500