About Us

Hacker Motor GmbH is known worldwide as a leader in brushless electric motor technology.  Our roots are in the RC hobby power systems but Hacker is pleased to supply brushless drive technologies used in countless applications beyond RC. 

Rainer Hacker founded the business outside Munich, Germany, in 2000.  Today the firm has XX employees in Germany dedicated to serving the RC hobby market in the EU and a new division, Hacker Industrial Solutions, that’s busy developing advanced drive technologies.  Bavaria is known for its advanced technology and Hacker’s facility in Ergolding is a stone’s throw from several large automotive manufacturers and suppliers.  These industries are the anchor for an extended network of top quality engineering and manufacturing firms with which Hacker collaborates to bring the very latest technologies together for our brushless power applications.

Hacker’s US representative is Hacker Motor Distribution Co., LLC. We are centrally located in a suburb of Kansas City.  Lee Estingoy, the US owner, brings many years of brushless drive industry experience and an abiding passion for RC to work every morning.  It is a privilege to work with Hacker’s loyal customers, a team of talented engineers and an incredible product line.