Hacker Motor USA

Welcome to Hacker Motor Distribution, The US home of Hacker brushless motors from Germany.

Brushless motors and servos

We are specialists in brushless motors and servos for RC, UAV and industrial applications.

More than 15 years of brushless motor experience

Hacker are specialists in high quality brushless motors and controllers for RC, commercial, and industrial purposes. We carry a complete line of brushless motors & controllers ranging from 25 watts to 15,000 watts for RC, UAV, and industrial applications. Inrunners and outrunners, direct drive and geared, Hacker Motor USA has a quality light-weight motor and motor controller to fit your needs.

Incredible new DITEX servos

Hacker is pleased to introduce our DITEX line of truly digital servos.  DITEX servos use a magnetic encoder to replace the traditionally unreliable potentiometer used in most servos available today.  The result is unparalleled accuracy and reliability – there’s no potentiometer to wear out!  DITEX are engineered with a massive CPU to process the servo position, current, torque, temperature and telemetry data tens of thousands of times per second to ensure ultimate accuracy and reliability.  Combine incredible electronics with top shelf, silky smooth all-metal gear train and a CNC all-metal case for the ultimate in stiffness and DITEX is the best servo on the market.

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