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The Best Performing, Quickest Opening Paraglider Wing on the Market Today.

Single-Skin Technology: It’s got the skins on the wall to prove it – winning numerous RC-Paragliding competitions in Europe. Hacker paraglider wings are the result of years of R&D by Hacker and full size manufacturer, SWING. The measure of a great RC paraglider wing is how well it can handle turbulence or wild aerobatic maneuvers where the wing may become deformed – losing it’s inflated, parabolic shape. The wing has to retain it’s shape, or get it back after an upset, or your not flying.

All Hacker PARA-RC wings are carefully manufactured to exacting tolerances by full-scale paraglider manufacturer SWING.

Hacker Quality PowerPack and Components

All Hacker PowerPacks are specifically suited to complement the aerodynamic characteristics of our Paraglider wings, using genuine Hacker motors and parts. Our kits include everything needed to power and steer, just add your radio RX and motor battery.

“If I could pick one word to describe the Hacker Powered Paraglider it would be AWESOME! That’s pretty much how I feel about it. It’s one of my all time favorite R/C aircraft.”

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