Hacker StreamFan EDF 70mm 3750kv



Stream Fan 70/3750

Our new impeller series combines two quality products into a true high-performance drive. The new E40 engines are based on the well-known E50 engine as used in the 90s impeller. The integrated fan ensures optimal cooling at all times and additionally generates an intensified turbine-like noise of the impeller.

The EVO impeller developed by Wemotec in conjunction with our new specially adapted to impeller
High performance engines will take your model to unprecedented levels of performance.
The impellers are already assembled and fine balanced.

Technical specifications:

Engine: E40-S 1Y
Impeller: 9-bladed glass fiber reinforced
Number of cells: 3-4S LiPo
Weight compl. with engine: 220g


Voltage under load: 11.1 volts
Current: 53 amps
Thrust in grams: 1200g

Voltage under load: 14.8 volts
Electricity: 84 amps
Thrust in grams: 2000g