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ditex telemetry servos


…I’ve never seen servos that compare simply from a torque per gram of weight
perspective, when you layer in their revolutionary electronics and programmability, in-air telemetry to warn you if you are running into stall situations in flight, they are stunning. But we’ve all seen servo stats that look amazing onlyto be disappointed with real-world performance when installed in an airplane. From the results of this centering test, I can say with high confidence that you won’t be disappointed with the Hacker servo in your pattern ship!

Peter Vogel


Ditex Telemetry Servos
offer groundbreaking electronic design

WHAT IF? Hacker’s engineers like to ask that question.

  • What if there was a way to get extreme accuracy AND eliminate a point of failure that has plagued traditional servos for many years?
  • What if there was a way to manage a servo motor so it produces more torque AND draws less power?
  • What if there was a way to deliver data feedback from a servo?

Hacker Ditex Servos USA engineers started with a clean slate for their DITEX telemetry servos. They used the latest in digital position encoders and a powerful 32bit processor to replace the analog potentiometers and inefficient motor drives found in most other servos. DITEX is truly a digital servo!

Premium coreless motors offer impressive torque. Especially when their efficiency curves are carefully mapped and the servo is programmed to meter out power to ensure maximum performance without generating damaging heat.

Remember that huge processor? It offers amazing programmability (via a USB adapter and the DITEX Manager Windows software) and delivers numerous data points to compatible telemetry systems.

DITEX MANAGER Graphic User Interface

Connect all Ditex servos to the intuitive graphic interface using a simple USB adapter (available separately). Set numerous parameters, configure behaviors, read data from the servo and make the installation your own!

ditex manager

Downloads the Ditex Manager Software here: DITEX MANAGER SOFTWARE

Note: You must have a Compatible USB adapter AND a Ditex servo connected to the computer to access the programs.

DITEX + JETI for Telemetry Servos Jeti-Duplex-EX-logo

JETI s.r.o will soon offer hardware and software to enable DITEX telemetry servos to communicate critical servo data with pilots using the amazing JETI DUPLEX telemetry system. DITEX telemetry servos deliver servo performance information via the signal wire to compatible host devices. The information includes:

Servo temperature
Arm position
Current draw
Total servo run time

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