Hacker A60 V4

Hacker A60 brushless motors: outstanding durability and efficiency in applications requiring 1,900 to 3,000 watts. Hacker’s Munich-based engineers are always working to refine the popular Hacker A60 brushless motor series.

Hacker A60 brushless group

Hacker A60 available in four lengths, (left to right) XS, S, M & L. Each offers multiple winds to tailor motor RPM to your exact needs.

Popular applications for A60 motors:

A60 – 7XS: 1,900 watts .90 glow, more aggressive than Power 90.

A60 – 5S: 2,000 watts+ suitable for 110 glow applications.

A60 – 14L: 3,000 watts+ suitable for 160 glow applications.

Electric motors are rated by watts. 100 watts per pound is common for sport flying, 150 watts per pound is preferred for aggressive aerobatics. Propeller and battery sizes are listed in the EXAMPLES tab of the individual motors.

Find the best motor for your application by multiplying your aircraft’s weight by 150 watts per pound (adjust for your needs) and then work with the motors below to suit your battery cell count!


Check out the Hacker A60 series in action:

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