Hacker engineers and pilots wanted to make a line of the best servos in the world that would operate with ALL RC radio systems. They started with a clean slate and designed an advanced servo control circuit using the latest technologies.

MAGNETIC ENCODER CHIPS replace ancient potentiometer systems used in most servos.  This truly digital solution gives DITEX servos the ultimate in precision and the chip has none of the wear characteristics that plague analog potentiometers.  DITEX servos are capable of multiple 360 degree rotation too.

ADVANCED 32 BIT PROCESSORS operate at mind boggling speeds to manage a 5kHz internal control loop — that’s 5,000 complete cycles per second!, as well as provide incredible capabilities described below.

CURRENT CONTROLLED OPERATION ensures that the servo motors are supplied with the most current that they can USE EFFICIENTLY to perform useful work.  DITEX motors were all carefully mapped to determine their optimal torque curves.  Excess current just creates unnecessary heat and wear, and requires beefier power supplies for the entire vehicle. The incredible processing power also raises the motor PWM frequency above the audible range — no more buzzy servos.

USB PROGRAMMABILITY allows users to take full advantage of the computing power onboard DITEX servos.  Simply link using a HACKER USB adapter and the DITEX graphic interface running on a WINDOWS PC to access a huge array of setup and operational parameters.

TELEMETRY CAPABILITIES are the hidden gem here.  DITEX servos can feed up to 14 different data points back to the host receiver, which can then relay the data to the pilot.  Hacker’s close relationship with JETI enables us to announce that select JETI RX/TX DUPLEX systems will be the first to bring the safety and security of DITEX telemetry capabilities to discerning flyers.

ALL DITEX SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. DITEX SPECIFICATIONS determined using specific test criteria available upon request. JETI DUPLEX compatibility will require select JETI hardware and software, and may not be available or possible with some legacy JETI hardware. Hacker cannot guarantee or bind JETI Model s.r.o. actions now or in the future.
DITEX servos are warranted for 2 years for their intended use in type-appropriate RC model applications.  Use outside the intended RC model application may void the warranty at Hacker’s sole discretion.


Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 102 × 71 × 40 mm
Max Stall Torque

283 oz/in / 200 Ncm

Part number

500002211 HMD

Servo length

40mm / 1.57 inches

Servo width

20mm / .78 inches

Servo height

37mm / 1.45 inches

Servo weight

69.8g / 2.45 oz without wire. Ditex servo wire is much longer than standard. With wire = 2.6 oz.

Speed @ 6.0V

.14 sec / 60 degrees

Torque @ 6.0V

150 Ncm (212 oz/in)

Speed @ 7.4V

.11 sec / 60 degrees

Torque @ 7.4V

190 Ncm (269oz/in)

Torque @ 8.4V

200 Ncm (283 oz/in)

Speed @ 8.4V

.09 sec / 60 degrees

Gear Type


spline type

25 spline (Futaba standard compatible)


precision full aluminum case

Recommended input voltage

4.0 – 8.4 volts