The Hacker RC-Nexus 4.3m hybrid powered paraglider is our most versatile high performance glider.  


Hacker’s RC-NEXUS 4.3m HYBRID POWERED PARAGLIDER brings the latest hybrid wing technology to RC paragliding.  The measure of a great RC paraglider wing is how well it launches and how well it recovers from upsets in the air.   Flying in turbulent air or performing aggressive maneuvers is so much more fun and secure with this paraglider.  The huge 4.3 meter wing is extremely forgiving in flight.  It will quickly regain flying shape where other wings simply fold up.  It truly offers maximum performance for almost all conditions and flying sites.  Its perfect for sport flyers and pros alike.

Hybrid Technology

Hacker’s hybrid technology combines a carefully developed ratio of double skin to single skin cells with our new high-performance paraglider airfoil.

RC-Group’s Jason Cole explains the thinking behind the hybrid technology:

Hacker Nexus PPG underside 06

Ram air fills the cells created in the double skin portions of the wing, adding stiffness.

The Nexus is a Hybrid wing, but what does that mean and why do you want it?

“Full size paragliders are double skin wings with ribs and cell structures that inflate the wing with ram air. This is efficient and improves performance in speed and glide ratio. There are R/C paraglider wings with this same double skin structure and they perform extremely well. The downside is that they can be more challenging to launch and are mainly targeted to competition level pilots.

Single skin wings have an advantage in being very stable and easy to launch, fly and perform aerobatics.

The Nexus combines the advantages of single and double skin wings by strategically placing double skin cells throughout the wing. It means the wing is easy to launch and very stable throughout the flight envelope like a single skin wing, but it also performs extremely well and efficiently like a double skin wing.

You get the best of both worlds.”

See Jason’s complete review on RC GROUPS!



The RC-Nexus’ huge wingspan of 4.33m and an immense 3m² wing area makes thisswing_logo an impressive and stately flier.  It will be the center of attention! Hacker works in conjunction with a leading manufacturer of man-carrying paraglider –
SWING. The RC-NEXUS is actually a model of Swing’s NEXUS – How often is an RC model made by the manufacturer of the full size unit? Check out the full SWING website!
The Hacker NEXUS is modeled from the brilliant SWING COSMIC design.


Check out the following video of a pilot launching his Nexus in the Black Forest.  It simply doesn’t get much easier, and that wing is BIG!


One of the unique attributes of this wing is that it flies well with an easy-to-handle 3kg backpack or trike power system.  Transport, launch and handling are a breeze with these power setups

We recommend our LARGE power pack for the NEXUS. It’s our standard Robin pilot figure, the EVO harness and seat frame and a metal prop cage, a Hacker A30 12XL with two 10 x 5 APC props scissored on the same motor.  This gives more thrust AND significantly reduces prop noise.  Win win!
For the ultimate in presence, power and massive payload or battery capacity, fly it with the Hacker XXL power pack.

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